Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Honor and Respect For Our Past

We absolutely love the history, and breathtaking aesthetics of our gorgeous, historic quartzite building in downtown Sioux Falls built by artistic visionary architect, Wallace Dow. It was such a thrill meeting and photographing the extremely talented Jennifer Dumke, one of the creators of the documentary and author of a book about this premier architect and his transformational building masterpieces.  Jennifer says, "After nine years working on W.L. Dow, Architect: Documentary, it's been an amazing opportunity and experience writing the companion book. Dow is responsible for so many buildings downtown Sioux Falls, it's always an honor to go inside a Dow building or even walk past. I personally love the courthouse and the Law Exchange Block because they were built during a time of exuberance. Nothing held them back and it's obvious. I'm grateful for business owners like Rod who not only understands history, but appreciates it to the point he has taken it. This stands true for everyone. Honor and respect the past - it will help you out in the future." 

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