Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Love At First Sight~Piper

I'd love you to meet some of the amazing "Little Grapes" that I've been honored to photograph for Avera Children's. They are each so special and they truly touch my heart. I am so blessed to photograph these inspirational children and their families to help tell their brave stories. _____ Weighing a mere 14 ounces, baby Piper was not much bigger than a can of soda when she was born. But even though she was small, her spirit was big. Having spent time at Children’s Care Hospital & School, she was admitted to Avera Children’s Hospital for a complete evaluation in hopes to help her overcome the numerous obstacles and medical issues she suffered due to her prematurity. It would be a long road for Piper. But during this time, she managed to win over the hearts of a Sioux Falls family whose daughter was a volunteer at Children’s Care. It was love at first sight for the Blomker family; they understood and supported Piper in treating her medical conditions. For months, Piper received treatment at Avera Children’s, but eventually she went home -- to her new family; the Blomker’s obtained legal guardianship in 2009. For the next few years, Piper continued traveling down her long road to recovery, often facing frequent visits, treatments and appointments at Avera Children’s. The family continued to appreciate the care and support of Avera; from the chaplaincy services to the child life specialists, they are thankful for the love and care everyone has provided. Today, Piper is an active little girl with a bright future and even brighter smile.

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