Thursday, April 26, 2012


In 2010, a simple case of sour stomach led a young family of six on a journey that would end with a new outlook on life. But with his loving parents Martha and Marti by his side, Kendon bravely faced his future; certainly not letting the need for a new organ slow his spirits down. After being admitted to Avera Children’s Hospital, the medical team worked quickly to save his life; ridding excess fluid from his heart and performing vital tests and scans. It was shortly after when he was officially diagnosed with a deadly heart condition and they began to treat his symptoms. But the disease was progressing very quickly. Soon, the word “heart transplant” was first brought up to the young parents. Kendon was put on the transplant waiting list and was fortunate to have received a healthy heart after a mere three months. Even though Kendon’s life has been altered by heavy medications with various side effects, he’s started school and is doing great. So much so that since receiving his new heart, the once-shy Kendon earned the nickname “Braveheart” for having a breakthrough both medically and socially. Today, Kendon continues to gain strength and has the talented team of care givers at Avera Children’s to credit for his life.

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