Friday, June 5, 2009

25 of World's Leading Photographers Meet In Maine

Rod just returned from a phenomenal week with some of the world's best photographers in beautiful Portland, Maine. The Society of XXV is a group of 25 of the finest photographers from all over the world who gather to share and exchange ideas to raise the level of their craft. Rod is humbled and honored to be a member of this prestigious group. Each distinguished member brings so much to the group with their ridiculously amazing talents and expertise. There's Marcus Bell from Australia, Idra Leonardi from Jakarta, Henk Van Kooten from Holland, the list goes on and on. When they gather to share ideas, there's an explosion of creativity, learning, and inspiration. It's an incredible opportunity to grow as an artist and businessperson.(and some good lobster) Although each member has their own, unique, areas of expertise, they come together as a family and share freely elevating everyone in their artistry and business. Rod has returned with more awesome, fun, innovative ideas for our terrific clients. We are blessed to have the best clients at Evans and are so happy to continually give them the best.

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