Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little Miracle~Christopher

____________ A rollercoaster ride; that’s how Nadia describes her life since giving birth to her son Christopher, who was welcomed three weeks premature and with multiple health issues. Almost one year and 100 surgeries later, the ride hasn’t ended. Thankfully, the care givers at Avera Children’s Hospital have been sitting alongside little Christopher, who’s also proven to be more than willing to hop on board and hold on tight. Although he still suffers from the congenital defect that affected his cranial development, Christopher has weathered numerous procedures and surgeries and is still known to frequent the halls of Avera Children’s for regular appointments. Today, he’s overcoming obstacles and developmental delays but is slowly gaining weight despite having problems with his airway, esophagus and digestive system. He’s referred to as “little miracle” by his mother, who continues to be amazed of his progress and is forever grateful for the life saving care he receives yet today.

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