Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meet Mariah~Little Grape

"Mariah is a young girl full of smiles and laughter. Mariah came to Avera Children’s Pediatric ICU after falling, causing a spleen injury. Mariah was hospitalized for a couple weeks on bed rest. During her recovery she was full of energy and kept the child life specialists busy with all her craft projects and games, she was eager to play. Her favorite activity was syringe painting. Mariah would stay up late into the evening watching movies and having sleepovers with her friend in her hospital room.

Soon after Mariah was discharged, she was right back visiting Avera Children’s for a few days before discharging for the second time. A few months had gone by and one day Mariah was admitted again as she wasn’t feeling well. After several tests, pokes, and x-rays they found out her appendix was causing her discomfort. So off to surgery she went and was very brave. Three hospitalizations in a short amount of time, Mariah has overcome challenges and never lost her smile and laughter. Mariah was a lot of fun and Avera Children’s staff was honored in taking care of her during her hospitalizations."

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