Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet Jaylynn~Evans Model Team 2012

To me real beauty is all around. From the breathtaking flowers in a grassy field, to birds chirping at the yawning of the morning sun, to even the perfect architectural buildings in the community. Coinciding with real beauty being all around us, is the sometimes not so obvious. For example life's moments of learning how to ride a bike, going on a first date, or helping your grandparents are not as obvious, but going in depth they portray real beauty. Real beauty to me comes from the bravery within one's self; it is exhibited on the outside all through life, from a smile, a laugh, to an unexpected discovery. Beauty can be hidden or plainly seen but to me it is all around us in the everyday moments of our lives.

Ever since I arrived at high school I dreamed of having my senior pictures taken by Rod Evans. Being highly active in the fine arts, I could plainly see his artistic abilities, custom lighting, and perfect "eye" for photography in every picture he took. I had to have my pictures taken by such an inspirational person. Luckily sophomore year I heard from my senior friends about the amazing opportunity of being an Evans model. This made me want to turn my dream into a reality. As soon as I was old enough to fill out the model application for 2012, I did...When the exciting day of my model session came it was all I could have hoped for. The photo shoot was so much fun! The hospitality was amazing; I was treated like a star. Rod's photos were spectacular. His artistic abilities shined through portraying the real me in every shot. I never wanted my model session to end, but sadly it did. Now I want summer to hurry up so I can have my senior session. If I was ever asked to have my photos taken by Rod Evans I would do it in a heartbeat. The experience was amazing; I cannot stop telling my friends and family about it. -Jaylynn

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