Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Meet Amanda~Evans Model Team 2012

Being as obsessed with fashion, photography and the arts as I am, I had the most amazing experience modeling for Evans...As the days to my shoot grew nearer, the excitement grew. Finally it was the day of my session. We hit the streets to find the perfect destination to capture the beautiful sunset and to get just the right picture Rod had in mind. The clouds and sky were breathtaking. Rod truly made me feel like I was the center of the world. Evans doesn't just take pictures for quantity, they really go for quality. He made sure everything was perfect not just as a photographer, but an artist. Rod focused on the lighting, colors, position shadowing, EVERYTHING. Evans, was the best decision for senior pictures that I could have made. Not only did my model pictures turn out amazing, I had loads of fun taking them! I'm sad my model session is over, but now I'm looking forward and counting down the days to this summer when I have my senior session booked! I had loads of fun Rod! I know everyone says it, but it truly was an amazing experience. Thank you sososo much!

My perfect day would begin with waking up to golden rays of sunlight streaming through the blinds and birds singing happily outside. I would look at the clock, and realize that I had slept in far too late and would be just fine with that. As I walk out to the kitchen, I realize nobody is home. I open the pantry to get a box of cereal and notice a plate of fresh steaming pancakes, scrambled eggs, and sausage. After breakfast I load up a picnic basket, some towels, my camera, and drive to a lake. Arriving at the lake I notice all of my friends are already there and need just one more player for their beach volleyball game. My team would take the victory and it would be time for lunch. After an afternoon of sunbathing and swimming exhaustion would set in. Once I got home I would jump in the shower and then take a much needed nap. Waking up once again, it would be mid-evening and time to get ready for a night out with some close friends. We would walk the streets of downtown and eventually attend a friend's dance party. Walking into the room of flashing lights and music, the excitement would set in and stay the rest of the night. Toward midnight fatigue from the day of packed events would finally creep its way through my body. My perfect day would end with me climbing under the covers of my bed to sleep until noon the next day.

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