Monday, September 29, 2008

A Thousand Words...

Avera McKennan Foundation's publication "The Grape Vine" had this article recently:

A Thousand Words
Evans Portrait Captures The Spirit of Children
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then receiving a complimentary portrait from Rod Evans speaks volumes. For the last couple years, Rod Evans has photographed hospitalized and special-needs children whose families say the photo shoots changed their lives, turning tough times into images reflecting the strength and essence of their children. "I love doing this--it really elevates me as an artist," he adds. Inspired by these young heroes, Rod Evans offers his services for free as a way to tell their story while giving back to the community. "I get so much more back than what I give when hearing what these children have gone through," he adds.

Now you can see some of these amazing children's stories and photographs on display on the 3rd floor at Avera McKennan Hospital. Avera held a reception unveiling these images in September. Evans is blessed to help Avera and these wonderful children and their families.

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Ken said...

So great that you give back. I also shoot charity functions for free. I will expand into the hospital idea since I live just minutes away from one. Thanks for your continued inspiration!!